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Rousseau's religions

Annals of the J.-J. Rousseau Society  (t. 54)

Abstract :  Rousseau will have tested the belief in his life and in his work with such a requirement of authenticity that his concerns can cross ours. What does his questioning tell us?

Authors:  Monique Cottret, Anne-Marie Garagnon, Erik Leborgne, Capucine Lebreton, Johanna Lenne-Cornuez, Andrea Marchili, Ourida Mostefai, Maria Constança Peres Pissara, Maria-Cristina Pitassi, Michel Porret, Gabrielle Radica, Martin Rueff, Vanessa de Senarclens, Christophe Van Staen, Jan Starczewski and Ghislain Waterlot.

Geneva, Georg editor, 2021, 474 pages.

50CHF / 45€  (free for members )



“Rousseau 2021” – The Annals are getting a makeover. 
Martin Rueff

Rousseau's religions

“I became a Catholic, but I always remained a Christian”. Rousseau in the face of Catholicism, some  elements for critical review.
Monique Cottret


Philosophical Reason and Reasonable Devotion: Julie Between Mind and Spirit .
Jan Starczewski


From civil religion to the faith of Reveries , the paths of an inversion.
Ghislain Waterlot

“The first of all goods is not authority, but freedom”: stylistic study of an extract from the second book of Émile .
Anne-Marie Garagnon

Rousseau's religions.
Martin Rueff

About the fragment On the infinite power of God , of the parish priest of Montchauvet, and of the Letter to d'Alembert.
Christopher Van Staen

Rousseau's theology.
Tim O'Hagan (translated and introduced by Martin Rueff)

Presentation of a posthumous text by Marie Huber.
Maria Cristina Pitassi



Helvétius and Rousseau: editorial choices and cross-readings.

Erik Leborgne

To be in her place. Interiority and morality in Rousseau's Émile .

Johanna Lenne-Cornuez

Rousseau in his image: the problem of identification in Hippolyte Buffenoir.
Nasturtium Lebreton

What happened to Julie? (On perfectionism in Julie ou la Nouvelle Héloïse ).

Gabrielle Radica

Far from Geneva, near Rousseau

Floating on Lake Biel, thinking about illiberal democracies and the legacy of the Enlightenment: Rousseau seen from Germany.

Vanessa de Senarclens


Loyalty and experience. Rousseau in contemporary Italian culture.

Andrea Marchili

Rousseau in North America.

Ourida Mostefai


Presence of Rousseau in Brazil.

Maria Constanca Peres Pissara

In the end


Bronisław Baczko, our friend.

Michael Porret

A bouquet for Jean Starobinski in Jean-Jacques' garden.
Jean Starobinski and the Annals of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Society.

Martin Rueff

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