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Devin du village: Fichiers




Ms. 1517. 1 score (16-54 p.); 38x26cm.

Presentation of content

Ms. kept at the Library of the National Assembly under the symbol Ms. 1517 (other symbol: Z. 438). - At the head of the manuscript (handwriting of Clos, to whom it belonged): “The present manuscript, words and music, is by J.-J. Rousseau; it is also the score on which this interlude was performed at the Théâtre de la Cour, in Fontainebleau, in 1752. - Ms. with numerous corrections and deletions in brown pencil. - Page 41 is double, and we intercalated the music of two rigaudons, 2 pages; between pages 45 and 48, we inserted the music of the "Pantomime", 3 pages. - At the top of the volume, have been attached: a clipping from the “Seuilleton du Journal des Débats du monday 9 vendémiaire an XIII”; a letter from the violinist Francœur [to the musician Clos?], dated 21 Floréal, Year X; a "warning" by the musician Clos on Rousseau's opera. - Signature of the violinist Francœur on p. 1, 19, 35 and 50.


  • A. Badin, "J.-J. Rousseau's manuscripts in the Chamber of Deputies", article in the Nouvelle Revue , November 25, 1888.

Origin and rights

National Library of France, Library of the National Assembly. Public domain  ( terms of use ).




2 F. ; 23 x 30.5cm. Between 1774 and 1778.

Presentation of content

Contains 4 romances (the last 3 on the same text) notated for voice and bass according to the "Project concerning new signs for music" exhibited by Rousseau at the Academy of Sciences on August 22, 1742. - The even lines of each piece are listed from right to left. - Dated after F-Pn Ms. 20645 (2). - The music is framed by a double net. - The paper comes from the same sheet as F-Pn Ms. 20645 (2). - At the top of f. 1 r°, note: "This encrypted music comes from the papers of the estate of the Marquis de Girardin who gave hospitality // to JJ Rousseau at Ermenonville where he died. // Given by C.te Numance de Girardin grandson of the Marquis to Mr. Fourchy notary as a souvenir // of friendship. Paris this October 8, 1829. [signed] C.te N. de Girardin [and red wax seal]". - F. 2 unused.

Origin and rights

National Library of France. Public domain  ( terms of use ).


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