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(2 manuscripts)


January-April 1759, 264 f. in 11 notebooks from 230 x 175mm to 260 x 200mm.

Presentation of content

1 f. in-4° contains a note from Guillaume Moultou, son of Paul-Claude Moultou, stating that he gave the manuscript to his cousin Guillaume Favre (1770-18151). This one added the date: "May 1825".

Custody history

Given by Léopold Favre in 1915

Additional sources

  • Paris, Library of the National Assembly, (autograph draft of the final draft).

  • Geneva, BGE, Ms. fr. 205 (ms. autograph sent to Duchesne in 1761).

  • Geneva, BGE, Ms. fr. 224 (ms. autograph of the Profession of faith of the Savoyard vicar given to Paul-Claude Moultou in 1762).

  • Neuchâtel, BPUN, Ms. R. 16, f. 69 (draft fragment); Ms. R. 18, f. 31-32 (minutes of 35 notes to be inserted); Ms. R. 19, f. 66-69 ("Maxims" from Emile); Ms. R. 48 (unused draft fragments); Ms. R. 94 (fragments of the draft of the lLettres morales, some of which passed into the Profession of Faith of the Savoyard Vicar; Ms. R. 278, f. 23 (fragment of the draft not used).

  • Geneva, BGE, Cc 12 (copy of the first printing with autograph corrections and annotations for a new edition in 1764-1765).

  • Geneva, BGE, Ms. suppl. 413 (partial non-autograph copy of the Profession of Faith of the Savoyard Vicar, second half of the 18th century).


  • L. Favre, "The Favre manuscript of Emile, AJJR , VIII, 1912.

  • PD Jimack, The genesis and the writing of the Emile of J.-J. Rousseau: study on the history of the work until its publication , Geneva, Institute and Museum Voltaire, 1960, p. 15-75.

  • H. de Saussure, Study on the fate of the manuscripts of J.-J. Rousseau , Neuchâtel, H. Messeiller, 1974, p. 45-48.

Origin and rights

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Society. Creative commons Attribution (NonCommercial-NoDerivs) CC BY-NC-ND license.



Flight. 1: 62-165 sheets. Sheet 151 is triple.

Flight. 2: 86-266 sheets. At f. 96-97 and 247-252, the text is unfoliated but paginated.

Flight. 3: 206 leaves. Rousseau, while leafing through, forgot the number 3; we read: f. 2 F. 4, etc ; the F. 14 is tripled.

Presentation of content

Volume 1 includes Book I and Book II.

Volume 2 includes Book III and Book IV. After f 201, where the Profession of Faith of the Savoyard Vicar ends, there are two pages of errata, then four blank pages.

Volume 3 includes Book V. On the back of the last page, we read this address, written in pencil and three-quarters erased: “Madame de Gousy, rue Neuve-Saint-Paul, in Paris.”

Origin and rights

Library and Archives of the National Assembly. Public domain ( terms of use ).

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