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(1 manuscript)

Juge de JJ: Fichiers



Paper. - 225 pages, framed in red ink. - 270×200mm. - Red morocco binding.

Presentation of content

Autograph manuscript, very little crossed out, of a text quite different from that of the editions. Rousseau wrote this note in his own hand, on a flyleaf at the beginning: "If I dare to make a prayer to those into whose hands this writing will fall, it would be to be good enough to read it entirely before have and even before talking about it to anyone; but, very sure in advance that this grace will not be granted to me, I am silent and leave everything to Providence. »

On the casing of the binding, we read this note: "The manuscript of Jean-Jacques Rousseau entitled: Rousseau judge of Jean-Jacques, was given by the author to a lady of the Cramayel family, who gave it to her -even to M. de Clérigny, former general administrator of the Domains of the Crown. The latter gave it to M. de La Chapelle. It then passed to Mr. Flobert. In any case, this manuscript is not the one that Rousseau entrusted to Condillac.


  • A. Badin, "J.-J. Rousseau's manuscripts in the Chamber of Deputies", article in the Nouvelle Revue, November 25, 1888.

Origin and rights

National Library of France, Library of the National Assembly. Public domain  ( terms of use ).


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