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Paper. Two notebooks (182 and 172 pages). The last volume, except the first 4 pages and part of the fifth, is written in Indian ink. 185 x 115 millimeters. Two notebooks, parchment spine, in a red morocco slipcase.

Presentation of content

Autograph manuscript, written, says MG Morin (Note on the manuscripts of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, quoted below), in Worton, Trye and Monquin. On the first and last page of each volume are the autograph signatures of the former President and the Secretaries of the Assembly, arranged thus: “Ne varietur. Barbeau-Dubarran, ex-president; Pelet, Borie, Cordier, L. Louchet, Lozeau, Laporte, secretaries. The envelopes in which the two notebooks appeared when they were given to the Convention by Rousseau's widow are still attached to the volumes.

Information on how to enter

This manuscript was given to the Convention, on 5 Vendémiaire Year III, by Thérèse Levasseur, widow of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in two envelopes of white paper, each sealed with Rousseau's triple seal, in red wax, and bearing this inscription, in the hand of René de Girardin: "Given by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, under his seal, not to be opened until 1801".

Related Documents

  • G. Morin, Note on the manuscripts of Jean-Jacques Rousseau , kept at the Library of the National Assembly under the reference P 7493.


  • V. Cousin, "From the manuscript of Émile, kept in the library of the House of Representatives", in the Journal des Savants , 1848, p. 520.

  • On the gift of the manuscript by the widow of Rousseau, see:

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    • Minutes of the National Convention , 1-15 vendémiaire year III, p. 106 and 115.

    • Journal of debates and decrees , year III, p. 63.

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Origin and rights

National Library of France ( terms of use ).


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