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Lettres de la montagne: Fichiers



R-49.1. Paper · 1 f. · 18 x 12 cm · undated [c. 1764]

Presentation of content

The Letters Written from the Mountain were Rousseau's last work published during his lifetime. For the first time, the philosopher intervenes directly in the affairs of Geneva. They contain, beyond the constitutional subject, developments on the spirit of the Reform as well as a defense of the Social Contract . Letter VII from which this sheet is taken supports the right of representation when it comes to correcting the abuses of the Petit Conseil, and advises the Bourgeois gathered in the General Council to refuse any new election of magistrates if they stubbornly overstep their constitutional rights. These Letters will be censored in Geneva as in Paris. The present document comes from the Ch. Vellay collection (Purchase by Martin Bodmer in 1926) and contains the draft of two passages of Letters , the first appearing in the original edition (Amsterdam, MM Rey, 1764), the second in the edition of the Complete Works of the Pléiade Library.

How to cite

Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, R-49.1: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Letters written from the mountains (letter VII), second draft, autograph ( fmb/ms-Rousseau-R-049-001).

Origin and rights

Martin Bodmer Foundation, R-49.1. Creative commons license  ( terms of use ).


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