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Digitizations of the Annals of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Society (vol. 1 to 30)

Public domain. The non-commercial reuse of these contents is free and free in compliance with the legislation in force and in particular the maintenance of the source mention of the contents as specified below: “Source Société Jean-Jacques Rousseau / / BnF”. Commercial reuse of this content is chargeable and subject to a license. Commercial reuse is understood to mean the resale of content in the form of developed products or the provision of services or any other reuse of content that directly generates revenue.


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Conferences and Concerts

© Jean-Jacques Rousseau Society
Creative commons Attribution license (share and download permitted, cite provenance, no commercial use, no modifications) CC BY-NC-ND


Concert by Gabriel Zufferey: © Nicolas Spuhler

Portrait of Jean-Starobinski: © J. Sassier, Gallimard

Young Rousseauists Day: © Michael O'Dea

Former Jean-Jacques Rousseau Museum in Geneva: © City of Geneva

Portrait of Bronislaw Baczko: © International Balzan Prize Foundation - RTS

Vitam impendere vero: public domain (wikipedia commons)

Other photographs: © Adrien Lièvre

Bibliothèque: Bienvenue
Bibliothèque: Fichiers
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